Reach your TARGET in an eye-catching

way with mobile digital ad truck!

Outdoor Events

Downtown Locations

Targeted Communities

New Store Openings

Increase Attendance

Raise Awareness

Promote Events 

New Products


Reach Your Target Audience

and more

We developed a new concept that combines cutting edge technology and innovative marketing. With Digital Mobile Advertising we can bring full color digital LED advertising with incredible sound to any event. 

Our ad truck vehicle is the only one in the South Florida area and comes fitted with 3 outdoor LED advertising screens giving you exclusive use during scheduled events. With this LED technology, these giant portable screens are as clear to view in the daytime as with at night. Live Feeds from Events or Cameras, Media and Gaming Centers, Sponsored Advertisements, Promotional Material, Customer Initiatives, Interaction with Spectators, or for Video, Motion and Static Images.With an increasing need for creative and innovative mobile advertising, we offer Complete digital LED mobile advertising to increase your brand, image and awareness. With our giant outdoor Mobile Advertising Screen Trucks you are guaranteed to be seen, heard and remembered!

We offer a cost effective solution

to create a MEMORABLE event.


  • Message and videos can be updated easly.

  • Modulas design allows creative arrangements.

  • Multiple System imput format.

Visually appealing

Cost effective

  • Allows multiple messages to be communicated unlike a static display board.

  • Modular design offers various advertiser to meet budget requirements.

  • Led screens are eye catching.

  • Videos and images on scren keeps audience               interested.

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